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Fort Knox is a United States Army installation in Kentucky, south of Louisville and north of Elizabethtown. It is adjacent to the United States Bullion Depository, which is used to house a large portion of the United States' official gold reserves. The 109,000 acre (170 sq mi (441 km2) base covers parts of Bullitt, Hardin and Meade counties. It currently holds the Army Human Resources Center of Excellence, including the Army Human Resources Command. It is named in honor of Henry Knox, Chief of Artillery in the American Revolutionary War and the first United States Secretary of War.


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Heavy Vehicle Driver/ Convoy Commander Experience/ Plan (Former Employee) says

"Army as a whole is getting worse. Theres nothing clear that gets put out for the people to do. Yoxix leadership is the worst part. You only get promoted more or less if your higher chain of command like you or not, its not about how hard you work or your leadership ability even though they say it os based on how you are as a leader and work performance. Could go on about how bad the army is but its a lot to type. Cons: Everything else sucks, especially leadership."

Certified Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not paid fairly. Management was a joke. If you want to be disrespected and paid pennies this is the place to go. Hiring company has zero communication and does not stand behind you. You can make more working at walmart and be treated far better with much better benefits. Cons: Too many to list"

Sniper Section Leader (Current Employee) says

"Not worth it. Lose your self and friends. The constant pleasing higher ups just so you are over looked. Time away from family members for no reason. Like I said, just go to college."

Cook (Former Employee) says

"You have never been in your life and green beans are not a big deal. You should not be able to do that for me. Yes I am the only person that I would like for the family."

Weapons Specialist (Former Employee) says

"You will be pushed mentally and physically and you cannot take a break or complain because they will kick you out. You will never truly have a day off, even on weekends, you will end up working."

Soldier (Former Employee) says

"Join the Marine Corps for a better sense of belonging, brotherhood, camaraderie. Join the nation and the worlds most elite fighting force. Semper Fi Cons: You could possibly be killed for reporting someone"

Combat Medic (Former Employee) says

"Trash absolutely trash. Got discharged and have no post benefits because my condition “wasn’t caused by service” get f*cked. Absolutely no concern for the American that worked for them."

Motor Transport Operator (Current Employee) says


21 Bravo Combat Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I joined the Us Army for education and training, and to serve my country, I was given a anthrax vaccine without my consent, 6 years later I found out I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis from the anthrax vaccine, I would not recommend anyone to join the military."

Ammunition Technician (Former Employee) says

"NA it sucked Job Duties"

Intelligence Analyst (35F) says

"Toxic leadership from the top down. You might get lucky and get a good unit but you probably won't. Lower enlisted are treated like children by NCOs. NCOs are ignored by officers."

Petroleum Supply Specialist & Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"If you absolutely have to do it...don’t pick any hard labor job. Fueler, cook, mechanic...DONT DO IT. Choose an indoor MOS!!!!!! Might seem like a small decision but it will change your WHOLE career."

PATRIOT Operator and System Maintainer (Former Employee) says

"Don't allow these recruiters to keep taking young people right out of high school and discharging them without any applicable skills for the real world. I can say I served my country but at what cost to myself. Cons: Treated like garbage"

Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely terrible. Do not join the United States military unless it’s life or death. You will regret your decision immediate. Thank you and have a fantastic day."

Human Intelligence Collector (Former Employee) says

"Not a job for someone who isn't ready to do what your told about all aspects of your life. you are told what to wear, where to be and when to be there, what to do, and what to eat. Mangement sucks and no one cares about you."

Signal Support Systems Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Let me start off by saying these people are diluted in their approach to being even remotely competent at management,growth,career progression, and a plethora of other issues that plague the Army as a whole. Fort Riley has every issue you can imagine but intensified. Leaders do not care about anyone who is not writing their evaluations, promoting them, or giving them a leg up. Hours are long in the army which is understandable, but when you have random hours that consists of different times, its maddening. Leaders care about their reputation and the average joe is an afterthought.Structure almost nonexistent or shattered. Please if at all possible avoid Fort Riley. Cons: Long hours, greed, and toxic leadership"

Intelligence Analyst (Former Employee) says

"0/10, would not recommend. Very ghetto. Stay away from airborne, my knees hurt. Stay away from Germany, everything closes at 6 pm. 24/7 lonely. Good liquor at the barracks parties."

Special Forces Communications Sergeant (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here if you want to be involved in research and development...most subject matter others were having trouble grasping should have been known before graduating from high school. Many of the problem faced globally were problems that were already solved via a shallow understanding of u.s. history alone not to mention basic history of other nations that were covered in high school as well... Cons: Low understanding of economics, history and physics"

master gunner (Former Employee) says

"worst decision i every made. you will never be home you will never be happy. you will only find misery and hate down this path. i am very displeased with the way my life headed. hooah."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There is no good with this company the US Army. Cons: The living spaces, the field training exercises, the MOS Admin job was boring."